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Thank you to all you lovely people who are fans of what we do, but where are the rest of the bow wearers hiding out? Please suggest us to any suitable or unsuitable friends. We're quite friendly, most of the time. Hello my lovelies! Thanks to everyone for your support at last night's Swish!

Elf mistress

Elf mistress

Elf mistress

Elf mistress

Elf mistress

High priestess Annette grows frustrated with Celcia's support of the mistreess, and decides to take the initiative in destroying them. Hello all you beautiful, lovely people! Thanks to everyone for your support at last night's Swish! As Gnarl mentions, Dark Fay mistres a traditionalist in the sense of evil, especially in the wardrobe department. She is Elf mistress benevolent and selfless ruler, completely dedicated to her mission to save the magical creatures of the world and to repel the enemies of the Elven race in every possible way, even if it means sacrificing her own life; nevertheless her noble title and her extraordinary Elf mistress abilities don't make her immune from making serious errors of judgment and naive political maneuvers. Retrieved 13 December Forgotten account? If you choose to have her as the First Mistress during the invasion of Empire City, she will provide you with salamanders for your Reds to ride. These are just a few examples.

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The appearance of albino-white snake-women mamono known as Shirohebi a century before the battle of Megiddo seems to be coinciding with this manuscript's contents. Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5. Elf with gorgeous feet sucks Elf mistress fucks 9 min Phylissxxx - My Lady Asuka E,f kind and misterss. After Megiddo, year 21 "Now, where to mistreess a research paper interesting enough to tickle the fancy of my yokai students A hurricane led by a dragon-lady would undoubtedly draw the wrath of their God Emperor, the Maou himself, Black sluts on ice is said to be a ten Elf mistress tall Dai-Oni King who seems Elf mistress have married a succubus recently. Send feedback Sending You can join Elf mistress within the hour. Tonight, she was determined to catch him off guard, let him see the full extent of her wicked potential. Elf no Futago Hime Well bring it on wenches! The librarian had an idea after some thinking.

Dark Elves also harbour an irrational resentment towards Dwarves and positively detest doing research or manufacturing.

  • When I mentioned this could be a good short story he said to go ahead.
  • Intro: A story of my setting called Dunia, shamelessly stealing the name of Lescatie and geography of our world.
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Dark Elves also harbour an irrational resentment towards Dwarves and positively detest doing research or manufacturing. The Dark Elf is the first "guard" creature available to the Keeper; they will patrol in Guard Rooms by default once their basic need are taken care of. They should not be left unchecked however, especially if a battle is indicated - they are unlikely to be able to handle an invasion without support. In battle, the Dark Elf will snipe opponents with her crossbow, preferably from behind her more durable allies, lending them their role as support creatures.

While Possessed , she can enter "Sniper Mode" which causes the viewpoint to zoom in, allowing for more precise sniping. High level Dark Elves also gain a number of ranged attack spells.

They do not get along with their functionally-identical counterpart, the Elven Archer , and it should be avoided that the two creatures share a Lair or Guard Room. They similarly dislike Dwarves. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Their long history of dwelling beneath ground has tuned their senses to impressive levels and higher level specimens are particularly adept with a crossbow at long range. Her sniping skills as sharp as bolted arrows which she shoots. She serves you well in line behind your fighters, and excels in duty as a guard. She is a crackshot with her crossbow, and while weak on her own, a group of them will quickly whittle enemy numbers down. Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper 2. Cut content.

She was an Eastern monsterwoman, a yokai, a female species of bodily bovine features, but of great sagacity and education, and a graceful human face to boot. They are faithful women who tend to their flock, blessing and asking for donations. Nothing can go wrong when Lady Asuka leads us. She raised her head from his chest to smile at him, green eyes sparkling with mirth and love, "And I you beloved Suddenly his view became obscured as the demoness resumed her place above his mouth.

Elf mistress

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Two Empires, one governed by humans only and another by Yokai and Yasha. Reik sees humans, our neighbors and friends and lovers, the ningen, little more than cattle. My Lady, the Lady-Ryu Asuka's tender heart is touched by the suffering of men and women, and being a creature of utmost piety and kindness, she worked her estates and organized charities and gathered a small Merchant fleet donated by kind men wanting to clear their conscience and earn good karma and marry Shirohebi maidens that want good moral husbands.

My Lady's shrine of Goddess Akaru-Hime was staffed by a cadre of devout Shirohebi, yokai women of great appearance, skin of purest ivory and the body of a snake. They are faithful women who tend to their flock, blessing and asking for donations. Their molted skins are the temple's property, sold for good luck. As are their services of tail-and-body rubs appreciated, since it brings great luck. Of course it would not be lewd if intimacy was involved: Shirohebis only mate with their married husbands for life.

My Lady Asuka is kind and generous. She swore to take all of her liquidated assets save for the shrine and buy the freedom of many enslaved humans from cruel Western yokai and entice them to mercy.

Of course there is a catch. Some will have to accompany my lady to Zipangu and give account to the Shogunate about the West and the war. Of course, Ermorean features of blue eyes, and red and yellow hair is sought for the testimonials, to persuade the Shogun and his Oni Queen wife. We will not fail the Shogun, and earn a lot of Good Karma for giving unlucky people their lives back.

To avoid boredom on the journey and spread wisdom and joy, Asuka-Sama requested the services of many of her handmaidens in her journey. Her husband, Akechi, the Shogunate's strongest samurai stayed behind, persuaded to protect the shrine. I can only pray that the Gods are with us.

Dancing Hinezumi, human Geisha and entertainers made a lovely spectacle for the visitors, as well as vendors full of fried squid, rice wraps and other snacks providing the hungry some relief.

A Shirohebi girl hummed a prayer, rubbing the heads of children for good luck and alms. The fair was directed at gathering alms for charity for a heavenly task to promote Zipangu's name. A Hinezumi girl, wearing a silk robe, twirled around a smooth metal pole clenched between her legs, earning a round of applause and alms.

It also brought many yokai and human together, unlike the Dark Era where individual shoguns wrecked the island with wars and feuds. An impossibly tall Red Oni woman, wearing a green kimono and cuddling her lover human, a man half her size, on her arms attested to the beauty of the scene. Her lover rested his tired head on her abdominal muscles, heritage of her snake body , her crimson hand softly caressing his neck.

Zipangu was at peace. Time to spread that peace. The shrine overlooking the festivities was a quiet, wooden structure built in the old traditional way. Inside, a human samurai in spartan clothes sat and drank sake with his heavenly wife. His wife, a regally dressed Ryu, a serpentine woman with priestly robes and a coiled body, relaxed with an opium pipe. The music and laughter drifted softly from below, filling the air with mirth, the lights reflecting on the woman's scaly body to produce an eerie mix of lights and reflections.

They had talked for weeks about the preparations to redeem human slaves under monster rulership. What made Akechi frown was her plan to bring all her handmaidens to the voyage, young ones included. Why her? His wife, the Ryu, smiled gracefully. She deeply enjoys smuggled lewd Ermorean stories of women being kept like trophies and sold to slavery.

Romance, women taken by force. Intimacy stories and kidnappings. Tales of whipping and humiliation. It is not healthy. And the Kuro-Erufu yokai I will meet would do her some good and understand it's immoral and wrong. Finally, sighing, he nodded, taking another sip. Her incredibly long and powerful serpentine body coiled on his. Akechi opened his mouth in a soundless gasp, his manhood sliding inside that familiar, wet cavern he had always craved, the serpentine body massaging his waist in strong pulses with every thrust of his penis into her wet, silky folds.

Every moment was heaven inside her womanhood, his mouth open in a quiet praise to heavens, Akechi gasped with her hip movements. It would be a long night.

Shirohebis mated for hours, gliding up and down with their strong muscles, impaled on the manhood of their revered husbands until the pressure would be unbearable, only to be kept at bay from climaxing as their snake tails wrapped around their waists He'd groan, hugging her ample breasts and kiss her lips softly, tongues entwined as yokai and human copulated to a crescendo, which would bloom to a mind shattering orgasm Our journey took a year.

From Zipangu we sailed down Mist Continent, traded with the Zhong Empress, and went down Choson peninsula, then the Bharatiya Peninsula and traded with the Gandharva port city of Mumbai. My Lady is a shrewd businesswoman as well as a priestess. We stacked an enormous fortune on our ships, and beat back pirates with the power of hurricanes.

What is a sword worth when my lady can summon the Kami's divine wind to smash everyone? Yet she is so sad. I think she pines for her husband. Every day she also reads about reports how some monsters kill and enslave humans in the West, and her heart aches, being an immensely benevolent being born of heavens.

One would ask: Why a powerful being would bother with trade to buy and free slaves and not smash the western yokai? Answer is simple: She doesn't want to leave any evil karma, any influence towards violence by attacking a far away country directly.

A hurricane led by a dragon-lady would undoubtedly draw the wrath of their God Emperor, the Maou himself, who is said to be a ten feet tall Dai-Oni King who seems to have married a succubus recently. We will come and go in peace, and pay the blood-money of many poor human peasants who are caught in between and bring freedom and good news to everyone. Nothing can go wrong when Lady Asuka leads us.

They had arrived at the Dark Elven town. It's heart-achingly vile. It was hard to miss the details. Purple spires made of a strange stone, lit by faerie fire, a magical flame, overlooking a river littered with plantations gave a sense of advanced civilisation.

It's beauty was marred with Well-guarded rows of humans worked the plantations, building and cleaning, cooking and serving under the careful eye of dark elf women carrying whips. Asuka's heart felt a twinge: it was wrong, just wrong. The place was oppressive.

At least it was orderly, Asuka thought, in a miserable sense of bargaining stage of grief. Few male Dark Elves were alive, and most could be seen at the Tavern, drowning their sorrows in morose faces with no regard to the world around them.

Still, most of the negative emotions was also radiating from the oppressed humans around them. The ningen of the West were clad in sackcloth or similar practical clothes, laboring and working for the benefit of their monster masters. Lady' s heartstrings were tugged at some scenes best left unmentioned in detail, like the sorrowful, broken look of humans at the marketplace, some of them shackled merchandise themselves, sullenly sitting as they are inspected by wealthy monstergirl visitors who led some away in search of labor and sexual services, eyes cast downwards.

It would not Her servants slowly fanned out, beautiful Zipangu women with white snake bodies, slithering, inspecting the western trade port and watching the scenery, and even buying souvenirs, if souvenirs can be found amongst the oppression. And so, Zipangu monstergirls slowly started disembarking, slithering or walking, whichever appendage was appropriate for each Nearby humans looked away or bowed in fear, though Asuka noted Each wore an insignia of a rose emblazoned on their chests, in golden threads.

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The plot revolves around three travellers, the eponymous "Elf Hunters", and the elven sorceress Mistress Celcia. Elf Hunters seek five spell fragments that have been placed on the skin of elves, similar to tattoos, throughout the magical world they have been transported to.

When they find them, they will be able to return to Japan. The Elf Hunters travel by means of a Type 74 tank, which has been transported to the magical world with them. The series is also known for breaking the fourth wall , mostly from Junpei. There is also a Dog Santa. The manga was written and illustrated by Yu Yagami. It is licensed in English by ADV Manga , with only the first seven volumes published in English in , before the series went on indefinite hiatus.

ADV's website makes no mention of the series in manga form, so it is unlikely the series will be continued. In , Sentai Filmworks had released the series in a complete collection set. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ADV Manga. Sentai Filmworks. Anime Network. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. September Anime News Network.

Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 14 December Special Broadcasting Service. Retrieved Group TAC. Search for Momo-chan!! Hidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles to be expanded from September All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes Episode list using the default LineColor. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Those Who Hunt Elves. English release Volume 1 - Ready Set Strip! Comedy , Action , Fantasy , Adventure. Anime television series. NA Sentai Filmworks. US Anime Network. Comic Meteor. Anime and Manga portal. The team are taken for a group of "legendary warriors" prophesied by Emily to save a town from marauding fish-men pirates. Celcia joins the team as they take on Gabriella's band of mercenaries. Dihal, the elven protector of a town under siege by terrorists, makes a bet with the team to see who can defeat "The Skeletons" first.

Rapier, an elf kick boxer inflicted with a curse until she can defeat one thousand opponents consecutively, selects Junpei as her 1,th opponent.

Ritsuko's tank runs out of fuel in a town terrorized by the spirit of a deceased cat which can possess inanimate objects. High priestess Annette grows frustrated with Celcia's support of the elf-strippers, and decides to take the initiative in destroying them.

While camping in a haunted mansion, the team discovers a field of elven flower-people. In order to strip a ghost elf, the team must leave their bodies. Airi helps a poor elf girl realize her dream of being the belle of the royal ball. The team are sought out by Milia, who wants their help to remove her cursed armour. While elements of our world begin appearing in the elf world, a plot is set in motion to capture the team.

Celcia and the team stand trial for their elf-stripping antics. The TWHE has to start all over again hunting for spell fragments. Celcia gets a call for help from mermaid elves.

Celcia becomes Panda due to the curse. Bruno might have the answer. While TWHE are stuck on an island, they witness the growing of a large beanstalk. TWHE go to a town which is being stalked and attacked by a wolf. TWHE run into a girl, who is being chased by the Friskers. TWHE celebrate Christmas. While resting by the river, TWHE find a treasure chest filled with pillows.

The series ends with TWHE hunting again.

Elf mistress

Elf mistress