I fucked granny stories-Chapter 1 - Gary Visits His Grandmother - New Sex Story

I protested but lost out since they stated I should visit her before I head off to college. She said she would be back on Saturday to pick me up. My Grandmother Nancy was fifty-eight years old and still attractive. She had long blonde hair with blue eyes. She always had her hair dyed blonde to hide her gray hair.

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I said, sure. Vranny inclination was intense to the point that I started to come in my jeans whilst dry bumping her. There is something you must I fucked granny stories, you cannot just drop you seed just anywhere, sweetheart! I opened up her top drawer and started to check I fucked granny stories her cotton panties. I protested but lost out since they stated I should visit her before I head off to college. I glanced at her A-Cup tits and found them to still be perky at her age. Granny also had a slender body with fair skin that was sprinkled with freckles. I could hear it pouring out of her into the toilet. She shouted out. After I was done spurting cum into her pussy, I stayed on top of her and we kissed with our tongues dancing with each other.

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Now that is a beast worth taming," she whispered. Bladder cancer prostate Punishment Granny catches a young stud in the palm of her hand. Granny coped admirably, she gulped a little then proceeded to suck and swallow it all. Granny knew also. She screamed I fucked granny stories as my cock ripped her ass hole open, but to my surprise she pushed back against it and the first inch or so disappeared up her bum. She seemed to be in a deep sleep. She had been divorced for about 10 years and felt a little lonely sometimes and would be glad of I fucked granny stories company of a younger man. What a nice sight that was, Big mature mgp her ass to me. I stuck my tongue granny and began to lap at her bald old cunt. Support Lush Stories. Join Lush. Violence on the farm 55 min Pszichopeti - 5. DJ Pt. Now Granny was squirming and moaning again, and this time I began storues as well, thrusting my raging cock up into her hot pussy. Have you had any sexual experiences with girls Tim?

Sex with granny's old friend Peggy Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her.

  • I flew to her town to go to a graduation party for the daughter of my best friend.
  • I am not, nor have I ever been, married.
  • I had never thought of my Old Grannies in a sexual way, but for some reason everything changed.
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Todd Markham was a young man obsessed with boats. To this end, he saved up every penny he earned. One morning, walking along the marina and drooling over the good fortunes of others, he came across an old lady. She was around 75years of age lounging on the deck of rather nice looking Sloop. There was a hat down over her eyes to shield them from the sun but she could obviously see the handsome young guy staring at her boat.

It was only when the old lady directed him to pull into a little cove and drop anchor that he discovered just how much of those halcyon days she wanted to relive. Down here, on the deck and even in the water. He almost choked on his rum. She had to pat him between the shoulder blades so he could get his breath back.

Todd was practically frozen to the spot by his nerves, as she knelt before him and unzipped the front of his shorts. His dick was still quite flaccid, so she was able to get the whole thing into her mouth at once. He gasped as Granny started to suck and manipulate his schlong with her wrinkled fingers. Leaning back, with his eyes closed, he tried to imagine it was some voluptuous young twenty-year-old and not someone on social security.

In spite of his reluctance to have his knob chewed on by his First Mate, Todd soon began to realize that there was no substitute for experience. Granny Wilkins worked up and down his now erect mast, like a true professional. Soon his balls started to feel that they were about to burst into flames. He was well aware that meant he was seconds away from blowing his load. Obviously hauling in the sheets and pumping out bilge had kept her in shape. Her tits, that he would have expected to hang somewhere down around her waistline, where perkier that his last girlfriends.

And she was only 19! Suddenly, Todd was very anxious to get out of his own clothes. Wilkins ogled him lasciviously and smiled as he fumbled with his buttons. When they were both naked, standing face to face, he still felt a bit queasy about kissing her on the mouth. However, the matter was taken out of his hands or mouth as the wake from a passing launch caused the yacht to yaw and he fell backward with her on the top of him.

Her tits were crushed against his face and by making a slight adjustment to her position, one of her erect nipples conveniently slipped between his lips. Granny groaned and moaned like a teenager as he sucked and fondled her.

She held on to his hair so tightly, he thought she might pull it out by the roots. Grabbing her by the waist, he lifted his shipmate up and literally threw her onto the bunk. She loved it and opened her legs in eager anticipation. He moved up between her firm thighs and just touched the edge of her cunt with his tongue. Her hands once more tugged at his curly blonde hair but with even more enthusiasm.

Todd used his fingers to play with her pink petals to build the mood and then licked the whole length of her wet crack over and over. With his cock hard and throbbing, he pinned her down by her arms and drove it into her pulsating quim with great force. Granny, with her eyes wide open, moved her ass up and down in time with his pelvic thrusts and skilfully flexed her vaginal muscles so that it felt like she was sucking him off all over again.

Feeling as though someone had attached a car battery to his scrotum, he frantically plowed it into her. Quite exhausted, they lay side by side for a while before attacking the rum bottle once more.

Very little else was said until their reached their berth at the marina. There, waiting for them, was a gorgeous young woman in a bikini. We often sail round the bay together, perhaps we could have a threesome sometime.

Caffieri's Erotic Stories. It would make an old lady very happy. On shore, Granny Wilkins introduced him to the well-stacked brunette. Like this: Like Loading Sucking for a Raise?

Dyde My grandma seduces old Mrs. Grandma's Friend Having sex with a senior. Soon I was thrusting my way to a second climax for both of us, her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands on my backside, making damn sure I gave her everything I could until I collapsed on top of her as I squirted what little semen I had into her, then we lay there sweating and panting for a while. A Wedding Favour Nathan's grandmother has a wedding - day treat for him. Check also our Tube. The perfect orbs were capped with nipples that cried out to be sucked. Just as I had always suspected, her tits were a work of art.

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories. Upload successful


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Sex with granny's old friend Peggy Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her. She told them she hated being alone at night. Plus if something ever happened to her no one will know and she wasn't going to get one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up things" Well they said sure. I moved all my stuff in like 2 hours. I felt like I was moving in with my girl friend. I have my own room, but I don't sleep in there much. One night I came home from work, her friend Peggy was over, they were watching the wheel.

I said hello and took a well needed shower. I started washing my hair and I hear the door open, I thought it was granny, but it was Peggy. She said, I have to pee so bad I couldn't hold it anymore. I could hear it pouring out of her into the toilet. For some reason it gave me a raging hard on. I started to stroke my very hard cock.

I was hoping she open the curtain. But she just kept on talking about all kinds of bullshit, still sitting on the toilet. I said to myself, fuck it I'm getting out of the shower and show her what I got. I turned the water off and opened the curtian witch was right in front of the toilet. She looked at my wet body straight at my 8" fully erect dick. She said, Wow chuck are you attracted to old ladies? I'm older than your grandmother. She was well into her 60's mabey early 70's, Big fat tits and ass.

Gorgous legs. I could smell her pussy. I said, Peggy your a very pretty lady. She said, I haven't seen one of those since my husband died five years ago. I stood right in front of her hoping she would suck it. I said, go ahead Peggy suck it. She said hold on, She took her teeth out and kissed my dick from my nuts all the way to the head, licking it and getting spit all over it , I tink she was drooling, I could hear slurping sounds.

I grabbed her head and fucked her head, she took it all in. She never got off the toilet. It felt so good when she rubbed her gums on my cock it felt better than pussy.

She looked up and me and said you ready to shoot, I said "Oh yea" She pulled it out and jerked me off all over her so she can see all my cum. She said, I got to ask your granny if we could have sex , I have to feel that thing inside me. I want it so bad. Sex with Granny's friend Peggy part 2 After the blow job in the bathroom, Peggy didn't want to say anything to granny.

Granny never told anyone about us. She never wants anyone to know. She said what happens in the privacy of our home is our business. So Peggy was clueless. She left the bathroom first then I got dressed and went to my room. About granny asked me if I could walk Peggy home because it was dark and icy. She wanted to make sure she got home OK. I thought to myself, here's my chance to bang her old friend.

Well I helped her down the stairs and as soon as we got to the sidewalk she asked if I had a girl friend or anything. I said, no I have a thing for older women. I really don't like young girls. Plus I really didn't want to get serious with anyone until I'm done with college. When we got to her house she asked me in of course. You want anything to drink? I said a gin and tonic would be nice. She made it strong. We talked a little; she asked If it was Ok if she put a night gown on.

I said, sure. She came out in this long black night gown and these sexy high heel shoes. She wanted it bad. She sat almost on top of me and rubbed my thigh just barely hitting my cock. When my cock sprung up she put her leg on mine and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue was all over my mouth and neck. She was so horney and so was I, she was straddling me now kissing me so hard dripping with saliva.

She tore my shirt off and kissed and licked my chest, down my belly, to my rock hard cock. Pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out and slapped against my belly. She sucked it for like a minute, and then put it in her dripping wet pussy. She road me harder than anyone road me before, Flinging her head back and forth we were both in ecstasy. She got off and told me to get up and she said fuck me this way, she meant doggy style.

She said slap my ass Chuck; I've been a bad girl. She screamed. I asked her If she ever had it in the other hole. No, my husband only did it the regular way. I said don't worry it feels real good, I'll start slow, just relax. I positioned my cock on her virgin ass hole and slowly plunged it in.

She was tight as hell, once it was in it loosed up. Please don't stop. I told her I was going to cum , She said go ahead but don't pull out I want to feel it. I shot my load deep in her ass. Oh it felt so hot.

We took a hot shower together; she couldn't keep her hands off my cock. I couldn't keep mine off her big tits and ass. She's one sexy old lady. Great story! Hot story, if only it were true. I wonder if such an old shaggy slut ever gets a dripping wet pussy Nevertheless, a nice story. I'm also on old women. As I'm only 25 yo and look quite good, its very easy for me to get and fuck old sluts. Some weeks ago I fucked a canasta playing party of four - first of all one after the other, than all together.

It's amazing to feel four lips and tongues at the same time on your cock. And it's great to have them kneeling in front of you and splash a very good load of sperm into their facde and open mouths. Tha story was turning me on and its a great story. I love older women. I would of came all over her face too, thanks for making my day 86 months ago permalink.

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I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories

I fucked granny stories