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My name is David. When I got home to my parents I had to be careful what I kept under my bed. Select magazines were brought home and secreted away, ready for nighttime reading. My bedroom was on the ground floor, out of the way. A world that was going to come crashing down about me.

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

About halfway through my upper sixth my grandmother fell ill and my mother went south to the coast from our home in Aunyy to look after her. Please check my profile on FictionPress for more. Suffice to say the upshot was I was made to agree that I needed to accept their punishment; their punishment pSanking that slipper now lying on my bed on the other side of my Aunt Spaning Spanking auny. Would I get grounded? Amy was thoroughly crying by the time her mother set her on her feet and she did a stiff legged dance and gripped her thighs to prevent them straying to her bottom for Ron miller golf bag pro model forbidden rub. From that moment on, Spanking auny was not only a beloved aunt but also a trusted disciplinarian. As we brought her to her climax I shot my load all over myself and bed. Apparently she wanted me to think about anything she said.

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She noticed and asked if I was OK. This one is about a young lad and his discipline minded aunt. I practically raised myself without either of them, escaping into books and Spaniing. Stand up. She had not seen me since I was 12 or You certainly bring us the Spanking auny ;! I enjoyed seeing Aunt Carol. Do you understand me young man? Her voice was loud, strong and clear, with just hint of sibilance punctuating her syllables. Newer Post Older Post Home. They settled in Northern NH, and bought a pretty little farm. So almost as soon as My daddy had a farm arrived, my stuff was unloaded and I watched the back end of the big Olds winding away from us Spanking auny the driveway. So I started fumbling with the snap on my shorts.

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  • As you say in your foreword, Rollin, a story that is more than a cut above the average, a finely-crafted piece of work.
  • An aunt is the sister of a person's father or mother ; or the wife of the child's uncle , this is one case where in-law is not used.
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About halfway through my upper sixth my grandmother fell ill and my mother went south to the coast from our home in London to look after her. It was agreed, with very little input from me, that I should move in with her sister, rather than look after myself. My dad was away on business much of the time. My two cousins, Jim and Rob, were no doubt less than pleased to see me; 10 year old Rob having to move in with his 13 year old big brother, to give me his room for the couple of months I was to be spending with them.

My inclination to be on my best behaviour was confirmed within days. One of those was related to me. Eventually I tried to drag him to his room but he was petty much the same size as me, and it was more likely to wake the now sleeping Rob. I gave up and endured his smug behaviour, while cursing I could not study for the mock exams I had the following week.

He only went to bed moments before his parents came in, and I was sufficiently cross that I ensured both Aunt Maria and Uncle Dave knew what sort of evening I had had.

True to form Aunt Maria dragged her son from his rapidly acquired pretence of sleeping and brought him downstairs, along with the slipper. Jim got an almighty telling off which ended up with him over my lap with his pyjamas around his ankles, and an invitation for me to deal with the matter.

A subsequent warning to his tear-stained face that I would have carte-blanche to deal with any future babysitting misbehaviour myself was the final admonishment as he finally was released to his bed. Two weeks later my mock exams had finished and a few boys and couple of other girls decided to celebrate with a trip to the pub for lunch. It was a bad mistake; we were caught.

To cut a long story short I ended up with my two female friends in the office of the senior mistress. It was not a pleasant visit; the three of us all left in tears, having each received three sharp strokes of the cane to our non-writing hand. Each blow had been as excruciating as the other girls who had received it claimed it to be.

It was at dinner that Uncle Dave commented that I was more subdued than normal and asked whether I was okay. My reassurance that everything was fine was followed by Jim, who could clearly not bottle up his news any longer. Maria or I will be up to discuss this further soon.

Ignoring the barely stifled giggles of my cousins, I rose form the table and with as much dignity as possible left the room and headed upstairs. Outwardly I may have looked calm, inwardly it was a different story as the possibility that my tribulations for the day were not yet over hit. Nothing good ever came of having your full name used at yourself after all. There was a temptation to leave my knickers on under but I knew in my heart if what I feared came to be that might make things worse rather than better.

My sickness was not helped by the telltale tinkle of the phone. I guessed my Aunt was in touch with her sister. It was a long wait lying in my bed, the best part of an hour. I tried to read, but my heart was not in it.

My fear that I was about to be reacquainted with the sensation of a sting in the backside increased when my Aunt, with a very serious determined expression, knocked and entered the bedroom. Then I saw the slipper in her hand with its rather firm plastic sole, and began to quail as any faint hope departed me. What happened next was I had to explain what had happened, why I had been caned, and of course she inspected my hand, with its marks still somewhat visible.

Remarkably gently, she explained the family rules that Jim and Rob were subject to, summarised simply as punished at school equals spanked at home. Suffice to say the upshot was I was made to agree that I needed to accept their punishment; their punishment with that slipper now lying on my bed on the other side of my Aunt to me. Ultimately there was no real option. My aunt told me to fold my duvet and lie over it with my pyjama trousers down.

I did as I was told, with palpitations running through me. The quilt was folded across the middle of the bed, then turning away slowly my fingers went to the elastic of those trousers and pushed them downwards to reveal the pale flesh of my bottom, then to save my embarrassment rather dived over the bed with the quilt now pushing my hips up to provide an easy target.

I buried my face in the pillow, already starting to sniff in humiliation. Of course a few slaps later the stinging was building up rapidly, yet my aunt showed no sign of letting up. Soon I was beginning to squeal and grunt despite my best efforts to keep my emotions in, and show my two cousins that I would not succumb as they so often did.

Trouble was, I was close to tears to begin with. A couple of swats later I was sobbing like a baby, and soon after was begging for it to stop, just like those little cousins of mine. Yet it was quite a few more spanks with my arms grimly holding the pillow to my face before it stopped.

Finally she gently disengaged my arms as my sobs turned to sniffs and suggested I get an early night. It was only as she left I realised my trousers were still around my ankles, but before I pulled them up there was a long pause as I tried to caress the pain and humiliation away, and inspect the damage in the wardrobe mirror.

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Big trouble. She turned to me for the first time in her monologue and looked at me straight in the eye. How would she do it? The Romance of Chastisement. Aunt Carol moved me around until my bottom was raised to just the right height and the crest was presented like two perfect ovals.

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny. Rip Roaring Western

Then, I immediately took the remaining items in the inventory, and distributed them throughout all five shelves. The result was that all of the space had been used just as before the accident had occurred, but the items just had more space around them. Aunt Carol returned about 15 minutes after I finished cleaning up. When I saw her the rush of guilt I felt was almost unbearable. She noticed and asked if I was OK. I told her I was, but that I had been feeling a bit under the weather It was a bit of a fib, but in actuality, I had no stomach for lying, and I did feel the weight of the guilt in my gut.

She asked if I had done my chores. Just to get out of the room I took her up on the offer. After tossing around on the bed for an hour or so, I slipped into a deep sleep listening to the rain tapping on the window sill. I awoke to the view of the setting Sun and some residual clouds that were clearing as the storm moved on. A familiar aroma of chicken soup was wafting up the stairs from the kitchen.

The hot water felt good, and cleared my head. Unfortunately, as my head cleared I remembered the disaster in the barn, and felt that awful feeling of guilt in the pit of my stomach.

Afterward, I dressed in a pair of white briefs, shorts, a polo shirt, and my sandals. I went downstairs into the kitchen to find Aunt Carol stirring the pot with a large wooden spoon. When she heard me enter she turned around, smiling. Aunt Carol came around behind me and began rubbing my shoulders and the back of my head. Her hands felt good as they soothed the tension in my body.

I felt like a piece of garbage. Then I lied to her about feeling sick. So what does she do? She goes through all of the trouble to make me a special soup to help me feel better.

I had never felt so ashamed and guilty in my life. Before I knew it she was serving up the soup. It tasted great, and actually did make me feel better. After dinner, I usually do the dishes, but not tonight.

After about twenty minutes, the sounds of running water in the kitchen stopped, and Aunt Carol appeared in the doorway. It was dark in the den, and the lights from the kitchen gave her form a back-lit effect that allowed me to see only her silhouette in the entrance. Is there anything special I can get you? About ten minutes later, the front door opened again and I heard rushed footsteps coming toward the den.

Before I could turn around, Aunt Carol stormed into the room and turned the light on. She then went to the TV and turned it off. When she turned toward me, I was immediately startled by the agitated look on her face. Her usually soft eyes had fire in them. Her normal, graceful gait and movements were replaced by a rigidity that seemed to seize her entire body. Here cheeks were flushed, and her hands were clenched into tight fists.

The instant she spoke, I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. Her voice was loud, strong and clear, with just hint of sibilance punctuating her syllables. I was struck dumb. Before I could utter a word, she continued. You were so careless that you destroyed two weeks worth of my hard work and hundreds of dollars in materials. Then she looked at me closer. There was a long pause, then she spoke a little more calmly.

Those can be replaced. But to be tricked like this and played for a fool in my own home I wanted to explain. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was. That I wanted to tell her but I could not bear to disappoint her. That I respected her more than anyone else in the world. Christ, I thought, I loved her.

But she cut me off. I heard her truck start, the wheels spin on the gravel driveway, and then watched the red tail lights glowing in the darkness as she drove away. I was lying on my bed when she returned. I heard the front door slam, and I looked over at the digital clock in my room.

The big LED numbers read I heard rustling in the kitchen, cupboards slamming and then her footsteps as she ascended the long stairway to the second floor and went to her room. A few moments later, she knocked at my door. I was sitting up on the bed with a book in my hand. She opened the door and walked into the room. When she entered, I realized that she had changed into her pajamas.

But I am still plenty angry with you young man. Why else would you have pulled such a silly stunt? Therefore, I have a solution that will alleviate my anger and purge you of your guilt. You deserve to be punished. And I will punish you tonight. I sat bolt-upright. Your behavior has earned you this spanking and much more. Second, I am stronger than you are. Is that clear? I sat there again not knowing what to say.

And you will take your spanking and do exactly as I say. Do you understand me young man? I had never been spanked before. Would it hurt? How would she do it? I was more nervous than I could ever remember. That was the longest fifteen minutes in history.

But soon, my door swung open and Aunt Carol bounded into the room carrying a wooden ladder-back chair. She was serious!

She put the chair down, sat on it, and told me to stand in front of her. I stood there as she stared at me. My embarrassment must have shown on my face and I paused for just a moment. I said NOW young man! I immediately realized that my pants were going to come down whether I did it or not. So I started fumbling with the snap on my shorts.

Seeing this, she settled back into the chair. When my shorts were down around my ankles, she motioned me closer. I was then standing almost touching her knees when she began lecturing me on responsibility, honesty, and the value of keeping a promise. Once when I looked away, she raised her voice, and grabbed me by the chin.

She finished by telling me how disappointed she was in me, how I had let her down, and that she did not know if things would ever be the same between us. My face was all red from embarrassment and remorse. I never meant to hurt you and I under stand that you need to punish me. At this point I was heartbroken. All I wanted to do was please this woman and make her know how sorry I was.

As I bent over the room turned upside down. I was positioned with my feet barely touching the floor and my face just inches from the floor on the other side. Aunt Carol moved me around until my bottom was raised to just the right height and the crest was presented like two perfect ovals.

I could feel the warmth of her sturdy, thighs through the thin silky material as her lap supported my slim frame. Aunt Carol then pulled my briefs up by the waistband to make sure the fabric was taught and would provide minimal protection to my vulnerable fanny. She was really going to let me have it. The following blows came slowly, maybe one slap per second. As she continued I could hear her muttering things to herself.

She was getting wound up just thinking about what had happened. Her pace increased and she began scolding me and punctuating her points with sharp slaps. After a bout five minutes of this, I was yelping with genuine response to the impact of her strong hand.

The heat in bottom was rising with each blow and I began kicking my legs and pleading. Please stop! It hurts so much! She covered the entire surface of my tush, from my waistband to the sensitive area where my bottom met my thigh.

She even landed a few slaps to the tops of my thighs where there was no protection offered by the thin cotton briefs.

A moment later, she stopped. I was gasping, just this side of tears. She was breathing heavily. She let me stay there for a few moments and she collected herself while softly stroking my burning bottom. Stand up. I think we both knew now that I was going to comply with all of her requests. As soon as I was on my feet she was right behind be, marching me over to the mirror on the bureau.

She turned me around so my bottom was facing the mirror. Before I could figure out what was happening, she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of my briefs, and pulled them to mid-thigh.

She told me to turn around and look at myself. My bottom was a medium shade of pink, which grew just a bit darker at the crest of each cheek. She inspected me and rubbed the bare flesh with her hand. I felt a strange mixture of emotions. On one hand I was deeply humiliated by having been spanked like a child. I also felt a deep sense of security with this woman who cared so much about my upbringing.

At the same time, I was deeply enjoying the intimacy of the moment; her firm hand gently stroking my naked, tender flesh was an incredibly intense experience. My body soaked up the contact, desperately trying to make up for all the years which were devoid of any physical contact.

Ten minutes later, I heard her come back into the room behind me. She sat down in the chair again and told me to approach her. Standing in front of her with my briefs down I was embarrassed that my private parts were in full view.

I was fidgeting when she told me to put my hands at my sides and stop moving. When I was still, she spoke. I am going to spank you again now, but this time you will let go and accept your punishment fully. It was then that I saw it in her lap. At first I thought it was the big wooden spoon she was stirring the soup with earlier.

But as I looked at it I realized it was another kitchen instrument. It had a 5 inch handle, which led to a flat paddle-like area about 4 inches wide by seven inches long. My eyes widened with fear. She could tell I was afraid, and took my hand to guide me into position. This time she positioned me differently. With her seated in the same chair, she spread her legs as I approached, and pulled me between them. When I went over, I was now bent over only one of her legs.

I was pushed much further forward this time, and my face and part of my chest were lying flat on the floor. She put her other leg over the back of my knees, locking me into place. She lectured me again, telling me that this was for my own good, and that she was determined to make me understand what honesty was all about.

Then it began. She started softly this time, but soon she was into the spirit of the moment and began berating me about my behavior while continuing the assault on my bare behind.

The shovel made a much sharper sound than her hand had, and it stung much more. I tried to struggle but because of her leverage, I could not move from the middle of my torso to my knees. I began to panic, and a flood of emotions burst forth from me in uncontrollable sobs. I was no longer operating from my head as my feelings gushed out, but on some level I now understood that I had let go and was taking my punishment fully.

I was awash in tears and was blubbering my pleas for her to stop. We went on like this for about five minutes. The intensity varied from slow to fast, hard to even harder, depending on her lecturing and points she wanted to emphasize.

Then suddenly it was over. I was crying as hard as I ever had, and it took me several minutes lying over her lap to calm down. She was very gently stroking my battered bottom and my hair, while soothing me with soft words. She let me lay there for a few minutes more while I continued to sob. She stood facing me and made me look into her eyes. She had a small bead of sweat on her brow from the exertion, and she was breathing almost as heavily as I was.

Below are a few of the many spanking fetish videos where an aunt disciplines a naughty niece or nephew :. Jump to: navigation , search. For my aunt spanking was very ritualistic , usually accompanied by an embarrassing lecture on your transgressions, to make it clear that you knew why you were being spanked.

My aunt taught me to spank the boys the way that she would, if I didn't do it properly she would demonstrate on my bottom, across her lap with my dress up. I still enjoy spankings that are not so much about the pain but about the ritual, the punishment, the humiliation, the embarrassment, the game of it. Shadow Lane , Sophie Nova as a bratty niece. What's Up, Doc? Categories : Relationships Addressing terms.

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Spanking auny

Spanking auny

Spanking auny