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We're the gals of the Original Cowgirls Espresso established in by Lori Bowden, and we're here everyday to serve you up the finest coffee beverages out here in the Ol' West! We also serve pastries and treats, made fresh for us each day by our local bakery, and invite you to come by and try our new iced Italian Sodas, a favorite out in these parts during those hot summer months. And most all, we look forward to greeting you with a smile and our friendly service that will get you back out on the trail with a spring in your step! Seems like everybody's talking about Cowgirls Espresso these days. Check out our videos and press clippings from around the world!

A unique business model — Photo Credit: KiroRadio. Mason County officials responded to complaints on the July 30, meeting by Bikini coffee stand the espresso stand is "erotic entertainment" and off limits in the Belfair area. However, like other coffee shop business, they can fail more often than not. By doing your research and staying sensitive to the needs of the community as well as the needs of your staff, will impact your long term success. A new ruling from a federal appeals Bikini coffee stand upheld local rules that dictate wardrobe guidelines for the "bikini baristas," according to CNN.

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Retrieved June 10, Retrieved August 2, By using this site, you agree to the Cofree of Use and Privacy Policy. Mandy and Holly might also be a little leery of bringing dancers onto the payroll thanks to a scandal that rocked the small Puget Sound city of Everett, WA in The Tampa Tribune. Namespaces Article Talk. Archived from the original on 9 February In a land where free-expression laws are French porn fre lax, people have long been comfortable in their own skin CBS News. It drew Bikini coffee stand ire of Belfair residents.

A bikini barista is a person who prepares and serves coffee drinks while dressed in scanty attire such as a bikini or lingerie.

  • A bikini barista is a person who prepares and serves coffee drinks while dressed in scanty attire such as a bikini or lingerie.
  • This Barbie-doll shed of a building is home to Hot Bikini Brew, where owner and head barista, Mandy, can be found most weekdays, serving up espresso drinks in little more than lingerie and a smile.
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Photo Credit: doslives. Deciding on opening a bikini barista coffee stand can be intriguing and beneficial from a business perspective.

Starting a bikini barista coffee drive-thru stand has an inherent competitive advantage to other coffee stands: It provides a novel customer experience, generate inherent marketing advantages, and generate higher receipts per sale. Of course, the actual numbers vary, but nevertheless, the business model can create certain competitive advantages. Despite the potential for profitability, however, we strongly encourage you to learn the basic fundamentals of the retail coffee business before you spend money on starting your bikini barista drive-thru coffee stand.

There's a lot of things to master: the municipal aspects of the business is important but so to are are learning the basics of running a coffee stand. We strongly believe that learning how retail coffee with the help of other experienced coffee business owners can be helpful in developing your business concept and executing your strategy. Okay, so let us assume that you are thinking about starting a coffee stand with bikini baristas. What's ahead for you?

Credit: ABC News. Over the years, we have been asked about what the prospects of starting a successful bikini coffee stand business would be like. The apparent success of existing bikini stands in the Northwest and elsewhere in the United States , have attracted the attention of many other coffee entrepreneurs throughout the U.

While it will require much more research to start, we have seen that it can be tremendously profitable. The niche entertainment coffee business model that a bikini coffee stand provides has raised some eyebrows in some communities, but it has also raised a lot of money.

With appropriate planning, having a profitable espresso bikini stand business is certainly obtainable. I have been able to interview several bikini baristas and bikini coffee stand business owners and know that the businesses can be very worthwhile, especially in a competitive market.

Like many other businesses, your chances of success often increases if you are the first in your area to launch a particular business that has the demand.

However, keep in mind, having the first bikini espresso stand in your area can ruffle the feathers of your neighboring community and spark an ongoing antagonist relationship with some.

Certainly, a bikini coffee stand business can easily differentiate itself from the competitors, but it also stands out with critics. While traditional coffee shop and coffee business try to bring communities together, the bikini barista model seems to isolate people into three camps:. People that are opposed to them outright and don't want them in their community; 2. Instead of fully weighing in on the controversies themselves, let us take a brief look at what it takes to start a coffee business — especially opening up a bikini espresso stand business below.

In the following article, we will discuss some of the important topics you will need to address as you start planning your business. The right business for you? Facebook, M. Let's start with a little history. Bikini barista coffee stands have been around for about years now. Many of them started in the Pacific Northwest where coffee is prevalent and competition among coffee business is fierce. A way to encourage sales, baristas started simply to wear bikini tops — after approval of local municipalities were granted.

In essence, it's an effective marketing strategy. But how much profits exactly? Your revenue will vary due to numerous factors that are unique to your location, your number of customers, and pricing.

Not bad for such a small investment. But this is certainly an extreme outlier of success and a reasonable coffee drive thru business owner shouldn't expect revenue at this level from one coffee stand location. Of course, if you have multiple locations, the economy of scale, can multiply your gross revenue. There are many factors in starting a profitable coffee business. For example, you will want to make sure that you understand your pricing, product services, and other elements that adhere to your locale's laws and regulations.

Still, one of the take-away points is that your bikini coffee stand business can be profitable. But remember, that example just mentioned was an outlier of revenue. In reality, most coffee or espresso stands are more modest in their revenue and take significant work to maintain. Such success factors including your revenue, really are impacted by your location, your lease, your product offering, your management skills, and pricing strategy. Your initial startup costs are also important to consider.

If you decide to borrow take a loan or use credit cards , you may hamper your ability to turn a profit in a more reasonable time period. Like any business, if you want to open a bikini barista coffee stand, you will want to calculate your pro forma financials and determine your break-even point.

If you want to calculate your break-even point and profitability for your future, our coffee shop business guide is a resource you will want to invest in. Turning a profit for any business is important and necessary to your viability as a business. Of course, you want to be able to increase your revenue, decrease your costs, and scale your operations.

By doing so, maintaining a well-greased operation, turning a profit is more than feasible. Bikini Stands are gaining in popularity despite inherent potential controversy. It needs all the same things that any other coffee stand needs. For example, as a new or potentially new coffee business owner, you will need to secure a great location, business licenses, health department permits, coffee equipment and coffee supplies — such as a local coffee roaster, supplier of cups and lids, etc.

The coffee business plan is a unique document that is used to separate the doers from the dreamers. Most coffee businesses actually fail, not because of a lack of money, but because of a lack of planning.

This is especially true for bikini barista espresso stands. For more information and premium resources on starting a coffee stand business, we recommend that you start with our Coffee Business Startup Guide. It will provide you with a depth of knowledge and expertise of real-world coffee business owners. Learn from the experts on how to start your coffee stand. Consider reading the following articles on how to start a coffee stand business:.

Every locale and municipality varies from the next, so the pros and cons may be different for each coffee business owner. Certainly a few of positive and not-so-positive reasons for starting a bikini espresso stand that come to mind.

There is a lot of back-and-forth of opinions and legal decisions that impact bikini baristas. There is a strong argument that baristas serving coffee in bikinis is or should be proctected by the First Amendment and the variious cities' dress-code ordinances are not just vague but most likely violates equal protection because they often apply only to women.

A good place to start:. What would the sentiments at city hall or in the community in general be? Our strong recommendation is that you do as much research and planning as possible — as well as get your finances in order — before you approach others with your plan.

With our kit, not only will you get a wide spectrum of the retail coffee business advice delivered to you, but also specific tools to help you plan your coffee stand business.

Additionally, we also interview a bikini barista coffee stand owner. It's an interview you don't want to miss. Taking time to listen to coffee business professionals and find out what they can offer you in terms of advice can help you better position yourself for success. Unfortunately, many people try to save or skip out on first learning about the coffee business and end up struggling and ultimately failing.

This is not the best path to take. Why make the significant investment but not take time to learn about your industry? Bikini Baristas make significantly higher level of tips. Photo Credit: OregonLive.

There is no question that there are real and tangible benefits of starting a bikini barista coffee drive-thru stand. Consider the following:. This translates to serving a very specific niche and reduce your competition in some market places. However, with all things being equal, your bikini espresso stand will essentially market itself — or at least through the level of high customer service offered by your baristas.

In discussions with bikini baristas and bikini coffee stand owners, loyal customers are critical. Having more loyal customers is a perk the owners and baristas try to establish through excellent customer service, remembering names, previous conversations, and of course, well-poured coffee.

The number of daily net sales and sales per order, may in fact be higher when averaging the same number of customers at similar coffee stands. This generally leads to higher profitability for bikini stands. Like starting any business, weighting the negatives or Cons for starting it needs to be done.

In fact, it's part of doing your due diligence. Rather than treating each negative like a potential barrier, many successful business owners treat negatives as potential opportunities. Again, it's a matter of thoughtful planning, research, and business expertise.

This story is simply waiting to be covered by local TV stations on the occasion the next business owner or barista makes the wrong move. You will need to do advanced research before you get a business license. Additionally, you may need to attend and get approval before your city council or county board.

Baristas generally have a high turn-over rate, so your investment in training and excellent and stable customer service is a priority, finding the right employees may be challenging depending on where your business is. As any competent business owner would do, make sure you do your market research to see how the community will respond to your business. Photo credit: Heraldnet. Excellent management from day-to-day operations will always be important.

But staying ahead of any of the potentially negative aspects of the business will need to be essential. By doing your research and staying sensitive to the needs of the community as well as the needs of your staff, will impact your long term success.

Hiring decisions are therefore important — but so is training, monitoring, and supervising. Having good employees means establishing a good system that encourages everyone to do the right thing.

It may be a good idea for any coffee stand to install cameras, but it may be particularly important for bikini coffee stands. Having in place a training program with a training manual that everyone must sign, having a mission statement, a vision statement, and well-laid out rules that are written down — and followed — will be critical.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bikini barista. These statements have been retracted by the Everett WA police department, as the police officer 'undercover' was a known customer and offered money to the barista. The Chive. Archived from the original on 9 February The owners of "Espresso Gone Wild" in Belfair were being told that their baristas are violating an erotic entertainment ordinance. Espresso drive-through stands and coffee outlets are numerous in the greater Seattle area, [6] so much so that coffee stands that have fully clothed employees often advertise themselves as "family friendly".

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Every year it seems like more and more bikini coffee shops are opening up. However, like other coffee shop business, they can fail more often than not. The reason: failing to adequately plan.

Certainly, coffee business can be difficult to sustain as it is. When you add a potentially controversial element like bikini clad women or men , the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming.

Remember business planning is essential, if you aren't familiar with planning a business from A-to-Z, you will need to do your homework and share of research.

While you may be familiar with coffee and bikinis , developing a successful business takes time, expertise, experience, and hard work. Learning to manage the risk will be particularly important if you want to succeed. This is especially true when you are considering starting a bikini coffee stand business.

When you are ready to start your coffee stand business, consider getting our Coffee Shop Business Plan Guide and audio interviews. Nobody likes to lose money.

Like any other business, a coffee business like a bikini espresso stand or a bikini coffee shop can fail as well. You need to know the basics and… you need to know the laws of your area. In addition to the city, you may also need to adhere to County regulations as well. Research and planning out your business to determine if the location, the municipality, and the community will provide the level of support you need to be a financial success.

But here's a hint: before you approach anyone from the city or county be sure to have your coffee shop business plan ready and in hand. So, planning out your business is essential. Learning common areas of the coffee industry will be important. That means that most likely new and upcoming bikini shops will be opening up everywhere. If you are considering opening your bikini coffee stand, read our previous post here. Additionally, you may want to consider some general advice when it comes to starting an espresso bikini stand in your community.

We highly recommended you invest in our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit , which will help you prepare for all aspects of the coffee business. If you really want to start a bikini coffee stand business, this is what you need to do:. Having a profitable and successful bikini espresso stand business requires you to diligently research, plan, and learn from other business in the area. Learning from other business owners can help you mold your concept into a working, tangible thing.

In no particular order, consider the following:. Step 2: Research. Step 3: Start Your Business Plan. Ideally, you should be doing all of these at the same time. Depending on your local municipality and your community, your homework will vary. Explore our long list of detailed articles that can help you develop a sense of what you are going to need to start your coffee business. When you are ready, we recommend getting out coffee startup kit, which will provide you with hours and hours of expert advice and recommendations.

Don't start your bikini coffee stand business without knowing the fundamentals of the industry! While starting a coffee stand might seem easy, it requires you to have a working knowledge of several major areas: inventory management, property leases, human resources, accounting, etc.

Starting a bikini coffee stand can be very profitable if planned and executed well. Knowing the retail coffee business, in general will be important as you move forward. A variety of bikini espresso stands opening are successful for a variety of reasons, but certainly the top reason for success is planning. It starts with you answering some really thought-provoking questions and learning what pitfalls to stay away from. Having a business plan, knowing where to get started is important, as well as having an understanding a thing or two about how to handle pricing, marketing, and dealing with your competitors.

Consider getting our Complete Coffee Shop Startup Kit , which can help you organize your thoughts and provide you with insightful information you'll want to hear before you start making the big investment in coffee stand.

If you decide to go-it-alone consider interviewing current or former coffee business owners, study what they have done, and ask how they would do it differently. Having a completed draft of your coffee shop business plan before you set off to find the perfect drive-thru stand will be even more important to the success of your business.

The reason? Because your business will get more scrutiny from property managers, property owners, city and municipal departments, as well as the community. A bikini barista coffee stand business plan is not different from our regular coffee shop business plan. You will need to utilize the same information and have the same information ready and at your disposal when you are ready to start your bikini coffee stand or your bikini espresso stand.

Our definitive collection of interviews with the real-world coffee business owners can help you increase your overall understanding of what it takes to succeed in the retail coffee industry. Our very affordable resource will help you to develop your concept, learn the ins-and-outs, and help your write your coffee business plan fast.

We have an informative audio interview with a bikini stand owner who has developed an excellent brand and bikini barista coffee stand business. It's certainly worth hearing directly from a bikini barista coffee stand owner what it's like to own a coffee business.

Starting a coffee stand business requires you to understand a variety of essential subjects. Starting a bikini barista coffee stand business requires you to know even more. While the profit potential is there, there is also a lot of potential pitfalls. Learn how to start your coffee business with us. It's good to have you on board! You'll be receiving our email shortly.

In the meantime, keep on reading! Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, Coffee Shop Startups is dedicated to providing you the most relevant information on how to start a coffee shop business successfully.

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