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Hello My Darling Lovelies! This whole year to be perfectly honest! I think you get the picture! I posted it like beginning of last month three months after the deadline , I know total fail! Anyhoodle, enough about me and my perpetual tardiness.

Jenny goes back to England after Henry is born to resume her life there, but is pregnant with Alexander. Find More Posts by forever young. And yet… Eric knows himself better than Dr. But Mom is BTW, check out the author's masterlist it's pretty impressive. Close Working He probably needs to be bisexual now too. Jude's because of me! When he assures Dr.

Australian teen password. All This Has Happened Before and Will Happen Again.

What happens when the 'real world' isn't all that welcoming? Cities Foreveryoung gossip girl fan fic and fell, mountains fell into dust and the continents shifted. Would he cheat on Sara? Foreveryooung marries Serena in Blair's penthouse while she gazes out the window. Get an Invitation. Look like C is in for a summer to remember. Foreverryoung only DS community from what I can see, looking for staff if anyone's interested. Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry. PM me if you want stories added! A Shantae x Asha Yuri lemon story that does include "Futanari". Only slightly AU Bart only dies the first time.

Major props to Cecily von Ziegesar, the CW, the producers, actors, and crew, and everyone involved with bringing these amazing characters to life.

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And if the worst came to happen, Photoshop can gloss over any nightmare and turn it into a product for sale. The boundaries between reality and fiction become blurry when any story can be rewritten if only one knows whose phone to call, when one can make the dullest event sound brilliant and glamorous, when the most obscure secrets are hidden beneath Persian carpets and gold-threaded tapestries.

Lies are the mother tongue in their world and Eric Van der Woodsen knows it well. At a young age he learnt that deceit and simulation could be found not only on a stage, but in his own living room as well.

As children, Eric and Serena soon learnt that it was better to pretend that their father had never existed rather than ask awkward questions on his whereabouts. The Van der Woodsen siblings also learn to wear plastic smiles when their mother starts to make plans for yet another wedding, pretending that they truly believe this time will be forever and ever.

When he assures Dr. He is probably the most manipulative, twisted and unscrupulous person in the entire Upper East Side as long as Georgina Sparks and Grandma Cece are out of town, of course but he is also the most honest guy Eric has ever dealt with.

Perhaps there are times when he is a tad patronizing, perhaps he takes his self-imposed role of a big brother a little too seriously, but Eric must admit that is much more fun to have an older brother than a sister, even though he will never tell Serena that.

Eric frowns. But look, just look at them. His brow is so furrowed that Eric is almost convinced that it will stay that way forever and his eyes never leave the couple across the street.

Eric lets out an almost imperceptible sigh of relief… until Chuck turns to look at him with a rather sinister smirk on his face. Eric arches an eyebrow. He is starting to reconsider the so-called advantages of having a brand new big brother. After all, what are brothers for? Miller likes to tell him that he should be more firm about his decisions. While he watches the limo disappear around the corner, Eric wonders why he keeps making his mother waste five hundred dollars per session a week just to listen to some rather obvious advice that he will never take anyway.

Considering it is a spring afternoon, the weather is freaking cold and Eric is chilled to the bone. He could just send Chuck to hell and go home, where central heating and a comfortable sofa are waiting for him… but instead he keeps walking several meters behind Blair Waldorf and Carter Baizen, hiding his face each time it seems one of them might look over their shoulder.

For instance, the distance between them. On the other hand, they barely acknowledge each other. Blair seems more interested in either window shopping or in enthusiastically greeting any acquaintances they run into, whereas her brand new boyfriend is clearly not the focus of her attention. He watches them get into the building by the corner of his eye and wonders what he should do next. His mission here is already over. And yet… Eric knows himself better than Dr. Miller thinks and he is perfectly aware that curiosity might be one of his worst flaws.

Serena and his mother would be horrified if they ever learnt the number of things Eric manages to find out just by stopping to listen through the door at an opportune moment.

Eric stands up and glances at his watch. He hesitates, glancing at his watch again. Fifteen minutes should be more than enough. He lounges against a wall across the street and for once he wishes he smoked, because it would be an inconspicuous way to occupy himself. Too bad , he mutters to himself, and then he thinks of pulling out his cell. He grimaces when he scrolls down the never-ending list of ridiculous rumors on both Blair and Jenny that seem to fill the blog.

He fiddles with the cell, wondering what to do. He has his moments, like everybody else, but the truth is that he usually hesitates too much before making his move, thinking over and over again about each possible course of action and more often than not he gets cold-feet before doing anything. He will just blurt it out and deal with the consequences later. His call goes straight to voice mail. If both Dan and Mr. If she knew the truth, you can be damn well sure she would be avoiding you.

He tries to push away that thought and his gaze fixes once more upon the building across the street. Neither Carter nor Blair have come out yet and Eric wonders whether he should wait a little more. Or will he get cold feet as usual? He glances at his watch again, perhaps to gather some courage, and he feels his cell vibrate in his pocket.

He pulls it out at once and almost drops it in his hurry to open it, but once he sees whose message it is he closes it, furious. What a nerve….

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A drunken Sara equals a stupid Sara. Stay With You : It's a one-shot depicting a scene that could have taken place between Chuck and Blair during Blair Waldorf Must Pie, as a way to turn their double-tryst into the secret relationship it was in Hi, Society. Watching you, Watching me reviews "She's laughing. Fate has a way of brinigng them together many times. I just thought I'd put mine up here because I've been enjoying reading all of yours! Making a Comeback?

Foreveryoung gossip girl fan fic. Other tests


Gossip Girl Fic: 'Lies' (Chuck/Blair, Eric, others) 1/2: phoenixgfawkes — LiveJournal

Major props to Cecily von Ziegesar, the CW, the producers, actors, and crew, and everyone involved with bringing these amazing characters to life. Lia Bass walked into the grand foyer of the Bass family townhome, dropping her Constance jacket on the foyer table. Normally she wouldn't mind hanging it.

Although their parents never fussed much about little things like that that was what the help was for, Chuck and Blair would have said , the fear of Dorota had been placed into all the Bass children since infancy. But today, Lia was greatly annoyed that her afterschool time had been cut short by this impromptu family meeting, especially when she was trying her very best to dethrone Philomena Sparks.

It was quite Never mind that Lia had been the first freshman in Constance history to be Queen. Even her mother Blair hadn't managed that particular feat until the end of sophomore year. It was a point of pride for the younger of the Bass twins. The fact that their older brother Henry had been a popular, dangerously handsome senior had only helped matters.

But ever since Spring Break — and Henry's discovery of her secret relationship with his best friend Alex— Lia Bass had been off her game. What happened in Austria apparently didn't stay in Austria, she thought angrily.

Especially when dumb Henry gave Alex a black eye Dumb, stupid, idiotic boys. Sam Humphrey, who'd just begun to warm up a little to Henry When Lia got back to Constance, things had been awful. That was because of her twin sister Ellie's pregnancy scare. Of course, it had been an eighth grader, Philomena, who'd done the hacking into Ellie's personal cloud and learned about the test results.

Although they were negative, the fact that a Bass girl had actually taken a pregnancy test spoke volumes. That juicy tidbit hadn't just made the social media rounds or Gossip Girl; it landed on Page Six.

The Times and The New Yorker would have run an essay about it, given the public's fascination with all things Bass, but their extended family's sheer power and influence was able to stop that little story in its tracks. But neither the Bass billions, nor Uncle Nate's political power, nor Uncle Dan's poison pen, had been able to stop the rumors from flying fast and furious at Constance or St.

While Henry's exploits were the stuff of school legend, the Bass twins were depicted as incorrigible sluts. It had actually been a very romantic ski trip before stupid Henry played cockblocking big brother, but now it was known as "the orgy in the Alps" in the annals of both schools. Not even Lia's best social savvy had been able to save the situation. And what was worse, their parents knew every single detail.

Chuck spent a good month of Sunday dinners muttering darkly over the fact that Blair had vetoed personal bodyguards for the children, to which Blair replied: "I regret nothing. Everyone, including their parents, assumed Lia had although she hadn't. So the Bass twins had their freedom restricted accordingly.

Now, you're imposing a five thousand dollar per month limit? Our car service is suspended? We have a curfew? Just because you're in high school doesn't mean the rules of this household have changed. Blair's eyes narrowed. Lia's arms folded.

Inside she was trembling because this was Mom, Blair Waldorf Bass, the 5'4" woman who could make hundreds of employees across the Bass Industries and Waldorf Design empires shake in their boots, grand dame of the Upper East Side, Queen of Manhattan. But outwardly Lia stood her ground. Because she had a point to make! If these rumors had been about Henry , we wouldn't be having this conversation at all.

Even the press would be applauding! It's not fair that Ellie and I are held to a completely different standard than Henry is, and you know it! Blair didn't say anything. Daughter and mother engaged in a staring match that seemed to have no end in sight So Ellie served as mediator as always. They didn't do anything wrong and you know it's a huge help to Auntie S to have our driver take the girls wherever they need to go.

You know it would be a lot for her and Uncle Dan to afford on their own, and well A toss of the head, a shrug, and a giggle. And Blair was as charmed as when her best friend and sister-in-law did it.

I'll have my assistant call our car service and reinstate both of your individual privileges Of course, Chuck had been unyielding. For the first time in their lives, not even the best of their "Daddy's little girl" tricks had worked on Dad. It wasn't until September that their practically limitless credit cards had been restored. As for the summer, it had been one where the girls were practically tethered to their mother. After chafing at being so restricted, Lia and Ellie eventually relaxed and enjoyed the time away from the city.

They'd traveled first to Aunt Jenny's atelier in Paris, then visited with their grandparents Blair and Serena re-lived their youth, and shopped until they dropped, for themselves and their daughters Then it was time to spend time in the chateau Lia's favorite spot on the planet , with Dad and Henry joining them toward the end of June. After that, the entire family traveled to Hong Kong, leaving Dad and Henry there Uncle Dan had a book project that wasn't going well so he was particularly grumpy.

It was the first time Lia could remember that she hadn't spent at least part of the summer in the Hamptons Jude's since school ended which was also a first.

So she felt rather odd when she arrived back in town a few days, and arrived at Sybil Chu's party fashionably late the Saturday before school began. As soon as the Bass twins stepped over the threshold, with the Humphrey girls in tow, the whispering began. Sure, neither of them had been invited, but that never stopped either of them before.

They were Basses, princesses royal of New York City They were the wealthiest, prettiest, and most alluring girls of their generation especially because Serena van der Woodsen's daughters insisting on dressing as if they were homeless half the time.

What did they have to fear? For all the girls were hanging on that freshman's every word as if it were gospel. She had fiery red hair, enormous blue eyes, sensual lips, and a flair for fashion that almost equaled Lia Bass' What she lacked in funds for one-of-a-kind original couture, she made up for with the same unique sass and brass that had made her mother the terror of her parents' generation.

It's been ages, darlings! Don't be strangers, do come right over and tell us all your news! Lia walked confidently to the middle of the circle to face Philomena. Lia's hand instinctively fluttered to the nape of her new pixie cut. Philomena chuckled. What works on the runway doesn't necessarily work in the halls of St. I see neither your sister nor Serena van der Woodsen's girls have succumbed to the scissors After all, Samantha Humphrey's features are so masculine Both twins pulled her back, while her sister just shook her head, and signed to her, "It's not worth it.

Slutty Ellie, spreading her legs for a shiftless Baizen. And poor little Lia, who's hopelessly in love with her cousin To the other girls, she snapped, "Are the rest of you going to listen to this crap? You could have heard a pin drop. Lia instantly sized up the situation. The Sparks girl and her allies had take advantage of the vacuum and apparently done a ton of work in the Hamptons.

And there were many, many kids who held grudges. Although none of their children were as mean as young Blair had been, or as calculating and scary as young Chuck had been, there were many who felt that Henry, Lia, and Ellie Bass were insufferably elitist Their minions and acquaintances were drawn from a larger circle, but they were closest to their parents' friends — the Archibalds and the Humphreys, and occasionally, the Vanderbilts and the Kishlovskys.

Voice dripping poison, fire flashing from her eyes. If you want to make the rest of your time at Constance miserable, do continue as you've been doing. And as for the rest of you, a Bass never forgets. That was a week and two days ago.

Lia had spent the first seven days of the school year doing two things: establishing her natural academic dominance, and putting the pieces of her plan into place. And now, her parents decided to call a family dinner. She didn't get it. Henry was at Columbia, and Ellie had ballet.

Lia had piano, but she was so naturally inclined toward it that she sometimes blew off her lessons, preferring to just play after dinner before her mother's cut-off hour of ten o' clock pm. It helped her clear her head. Her father was on the jet home from Singapore for most of the day.