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BackYard Chickens. Hen eats chick? Most Liked Posts. May 24, Post 1 of I hope someone can tell me if this is possible..

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  • Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, were originally cultivated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.
  • When the chicken cravings hit, there's no better way to satiate your hankerings than with a visit to your local Chick-fil-A.
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BackYard Chickens. Hen eats chick? Most Liked Posts. May 24, Post 1 of I hope someone can tell me if this is possible.. I popped it back right next to her , certainly close enough for her to cover it with her breast.. I think when she accidentley dragged it out of the nest with her she stood on it and I saw a bit of blood on it but just wanted to get it back under here asap..

It has vanished.. May 24, Post 2 of May 24, Post 3 of I think what I am saying is.. May 24, Post 4 of I have never seen a hen eat her own chick Other hens will kill chicks. I could see how maybe after they kill a chick they might eat it. May 24, Post 5 of Rats are opportunistic predators who will attack at any hour, and often even aggressive mothers won't defend against them. I had a very experienced reliable mother lose 9 chicks in one night, first to a phascogale, then to a rabid rat.

Hilarious, I know. First the carnivorous possum goes under her and drags out and disembowels babies, leaving them for me to kill; we catch the possum, remove it; then about an hour later there's a screaming rat waddling around the cage in mortal rabid agony, occasionally dragging out a baby to dismember But not kill Again, my job.

Relocated the possum, killed the rat. Another rat, different occasion, in broad daylight, stole from straight under the mothers a few baby turkeys and one chicken baby. It stowed them alive in tunnels, after biting into the turkey babies' heads to cripple them, but didn't harm the chicken baby.

They will happily get up to anything they want in broad daylight, and it's incredibly hard to rat-proof a cage. They will even wait for you to open a door for them.

Hens aren't like wild birds that might abandon a baby because you touched it. I've raised hundreds of chickens, and even had some terrible mothers who cripple babies, including one who ate their eyes and brains, but have never seen any chicken eat a baby chicken, which is bizarre because they eat mice, rats, snakes, etc. And even more bizarre because they've all had constant access to all babies I've ever hatched.

By now, surely, some hen would have eaten a chick, if they were inclined But all my losses have always been acounted for. However, if you are sure you're sure, then I guess you should cull or rehome the hen. It's up to you, but I don't personally keep any bird of either gender who I don't trust with chicks. May 24, Post 6 of It is very bizarre as she is a fantastic mother with her other chicks..

I think the chick died as it was damaged when she dragged it out with her and she ate it to clean up the nest for the other hatching chicks.. I know that no predator would have got them.. I guess I'll never know for sure, I was probably just hoping you guys on here would say.. Oh yes, this is why they do it etc.. I have a beautiful Araucana hen sitting on eggs and tonight I heard them cheeping under her..

May 24, Post 7 of May 24, Post 8 of May 26, Post 9 of That's the function of the pencil icon in the bottom left side of your post. May 26, Post 10 of If a chick is dead or beyond saving a hen will eat it.

If s chick is abnormal and is going to be a problem in the flock the hen will kill it. That is nature and I do not think it is a reason to get rid of the hen. Not all hens will do it and not all hens will eat the dead or abnormal chick but yes they do it and it is not abnormal behaviour.

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This will relax her and allow her to let go and truly enjoy the experience instead of feeling insecure about it. The grilled nuggets—as opposed to the traditional fried ones—also have less saturated fat. The Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A responded thusly: [T]his news story represents a good opportunity to clarify misperceptions about our brand. Forgot password? I would have started stroking my cock and watching, I mean shit they already having sex fuck it lol.

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